Certification Based Courses

Gas Metal Arc Welding Training
This course is designed to teach the most common GMAW or gas metal arc welding processes consisting of short-circuit, spray, and GMAW Spray. Beginning with basics of equipment, setup and safety the training progresses into assembly, fabrication and layout techniques. Participates will learn practical welding techniques and procedures as they pertain to various metal types and thicknesses, welding in various positions, kinds of joints and weld characteristics, as well as AWS terminology and symbols. This course also incorporates blueprint reading skills, measurement techniques, and basic math skills used for interpreting and verifying specifications ( 80 hours)

CNC Machining Fundamentals
Course provides an introduction to the theory of programming Computerized Numerical Controls for industrial metalworking machines.  Participants will study terminology of coordinates, cutter paths, angle cutting, and linear/circular interpolation. Related machining practices in milling and turning will be covered, and shop mathematics will be introduced and applied for fractions/decimals, metrics, geometry, calculating formulas and trigonometry.  This course also incorporates blueprint reading for interpreting working drawings used in the trade.  Participants will have hands-on training and demonstrations on CNC machining equipment while developing competencies in both the operation and basic programming of equipment controls. (200 Hours)

Industrial Maintenance Training
The Industrial Maintenance Training Program was established to take a pool of incumbent workers from other job areas and provide them with the entry level skills necessary to work within the manufacturing industry as an entry level Industrial Maintenance Technician. Students will be introduced to basic terminology and technology as it relates to Safety, Electricity, Motor Controls, Fluid Power, Manufacturing Processes, Welding, PLC’s, and Robotics. The class will focus heavily on hands-on skills with students using on-line modules between class meetings to prepare themselves. (200 hours)

 Possible tuition assistance for those who qualify!

Academic College Courses

Fundamentals of Public Speaking

COMM 101

Introduces fundamental concepts and skills for effective public speaking, including audience analysis, outlining, research, delivery, critical listening and evaluation, presentational aids, and use of appropriate technology.
Provided by Ivy Tech Community College Northeast.

 Introduction to Psychology

PSYC 101

This course focuses on biological foundations, learning processes, research methodologies, personality, human development and abnormal and social psychology.
Provided by Ivy Tech Community College Northeast.


PHLB 212

Presents the principles and practices of laboratory specimen collection and processing. Also covers medical terminology, infection control, patient identification, anatomy and physiology, anticoagulants, blood collection, specimen processing and interpersonal skills.
Provided by Ivy Tech Community College Northeast.

QMA Preparation

HLHS 117

Course meets the minimum standards set forth by the ISDH for Qualified Medication Aide (QMA) training and provides students with knowledge and skills needed to administer approved medications in long term care settings. Classroom instruction is provided, followed by clinical training that is supervised one-on-one by a licensed nurse. Common medications in current use are discussed according to body systems, with emphasis on classification, uses, routes of administration, dosages, interactions incompatibilities, and side effects. Also addressed are communication, standard precautions, safety, residents’ rights, documentation, scope of practice of the QMA, legal aspects and patient education. Individuals who successfully complete this course are eligible to apply for the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) competency evaluation test for Qualified Medication Aides.
Provided by Ivy Tech Community College Northeast.

 Student Success in University

IVYT 111

This course provides students with an overview of skills and strategies necessary to successfully complete a degree or certificate from Ivy Tech Community College and to transfer to a four-year institution. Students focus on developing an individualized transfer plan focused on reaching their educational, career, and life objectives.