About The LC

The Huntington County Community Learning Center is the direct result of a community group connecting to the larger events of the region. In January 2010, the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership launched Vision 2020. In response to the launch of Vision 2020, Life Long Learning of Huntington County formed a subcommittee to explore the possibility of creating a place where adult learners who wanted to “upskill,” “reskill,” or change career paths could seek guidance. The community organization wanted a place where individuals who wanted to grow in their careers could do so within Huntington County. After four years of fundraising, $1.45-million was pledged to proceed with construction, adding an additional 7,552-square-foot building expansion to the Huntington County Community Schools Corporation’s vocational center. The new, 29,306-square-foot center will include office space for Ivy Tech Community College Northeast and WorkOne Northeast, as well as allow for expansion of current certification-based class offerings for high school students and adults.

The Learning Center’s driving focus is to improve the skills of the workers of Huntington County, as well as enhance the quality of life for all residents. By partnering with both industry and community groups, the Learning Center will be a hub of resources for the residents of Huntington County.